One of the RoadShow’s key objectives is to reach underrepresented groups in highway maintenance and road building. Women are among these groups—in an industry survey conducted by the BC Road Builders in 2023, women make up only 10 per cent of members’ workforce. This made the RoadShow’s stop at Camosun College, to visit the Women in Trades Training Program during a recent trip to Victoria, an important destination.

Women in Trades Gets the RoadShow Experience

The WITT program is a full-time, 12-week curriculum designed to provide a pathway into careers in the skilled trades. It allows participants to explore various trades while building foundational skills essential for success.On event day, students received a rundown of what to expect before diving into the day’s planned activities, which included trying out several experiences related to the program—everything from driving a real forklift to testing out the simulators in the RoadShow trailer.

The RoadShow Visits Camosun Women in Trades Training - women using snow plow simulator

Heather Solomonson, Camosun’s Women in Trades Training Coordinator, said many students were thrilled with the RoadShow experience. “Simulators don’t play a huge role in what we do. I believe that we have some welding simulators, but I have not experienced them or had the opportunity to use them with a class. The RoadShow was a very cool experience and we would welcome more opportunities like this if they are available,” she said.

The excavator simulator was a favourite for Naomi Douglas, one student in the program, who said the variety of controls lent to its realistic feel. Having joined the program with no prior background in the trades, she says it’s been an amazing opportunity to get familiar with trades in general.

The RoadShow Visits Camosun Women in Trades Training

A Pathway to Inclusion

As the need for skilled tradespeople continues to grow in BC, finding ways to introduce interested folks to a rewarding career path in the trades is incredibly important. Camosun is on a mission to build community and show people that there is a place for everyone in the trades if you want to be a part of them. “We not only introduce equity priority groups to the trades but offer them support to help see them right through to their Red Seal,” says Solomonson.

The RoadShow Trailer at Camosun Women in Trades Training

As part of their efforts to promote inclusivity in the trades, Camosun also runs a Women and Gender Equity in Trades Sampler program twice a year with 18 students per class.

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The RoadShow Trailer at Camosun Women in Trades Training