in Road Building and Maintenance

Plow a Path

Snow Plow Operators

Start an exciting career in the core of BC’s dynamic highway maintenance team. You’ll be behind the controls of a snowplow, pushing through winter storms to keep our roads safe and accessible. Join a team that battles the elements, where each day presents a new challenge and a chance to make a tangible difference for the people and industries of BC.

Reshape BC’s Terrain

Heavy Equipment Operators

From excavators to bulldozers, you’re doing more than operating equipment—you’re crafting the infrastructure that connects BC. It’s a career where every day brings a new project, a new puzzle to solve. Feel the satisfaction of transforming raw terrain into a network of efficient roads and highways. Join a team where your skills shape the province’s growth and pave the way for the future.

Repair Complex Machines

Heavy-Duty Mechanic

Dive into a world where your skills are the backbone of keeping heavy machinery in peak condition. This job plays a vital role in the ongoing success of BC’s road infrastructure. It’s a hands-on journey of problem-solving and innovation, where your diagnostic skills are the driving force behind the smooth operation of BC’s heavy machinery.

We Invite You to Participate

Join the Journey

Anyone and everyone is welcome to experience The RoadShow, and we hope you’ll come visit when we’re in your town. We’re particularly hoping to provide opportunities to underrepresented groups, including women, Indigenous Peoples, new immigrants, veterans, and individuals under 40. This program will create a pathway to employment in the road-building industry, so if you’re considering a career path or change, this could be an incredible opportunity for you.

British Columbia

Road Maintenance Contractors