Heavy Equipment

    Reshape BC’s Terrain

    From excavators to bulldozers, you’re doing more than operating equipment—you’re crafting the infrastructure that connects BC. It’s a career where no day is the same, and every project is dynamic. Feel what it’s like to transform raw terrain into a network of roads and highways on a team where your skills shape the future of our province.

    Work Availability

    Depending on the opportunity, hiring may be for full-time positions or on a seasonal basis. Spring tends to be the busiest hiring season as we prepare for construction in the summer months. Projects might take place in a big city or hours from a small town, so flexibility is key.

    Fast Facts

    Technical Training

    4 weeks over a 1 year period

    Salary Range (Hourly)

    \$25 – \$45 per hour

    General Attributes

    Attentive, Calm, Confident, Coordinated, Decisive

    Key Job Skills

    Heavy equipment operators are skilled and decisive experts, known for their commitment to safety while operating vital machinery for earth-moving and resource excavation. Operators are confident, calculated, and careful as they handle various machines like bulldozers, backhoes, loaders, and excavators. Whether you’re excavating rock at a mine, dredging waterways, or clearing land for construction, your expertise ensures efficient and precise operation.

    • Run haul trucks, bulldozers, backhoes, dozers, loaders, graders, and dredging, paving, and pile-driving equipment
    • Assess safety for yourself and other site workers
    • Coordination and monitoring
    • Essential heavy equipment knowledge
    • Job control and engineering basics
    • Environmental awareness, protection and enhancement
    • Perform pre-operational checks and clean, lubricate, and refill equipment

    Technical Training

    For certification, you will need to complete technical training with an approved training provider. You will also be trained on the job.

    Explore the following websites for lists of the training programs available. Availability may depend on trade and public or non-public schools.

    Find Your Fit

    Explore our huge member base and learn about the many companies that are proud to be a part of the BC Road Builders. If you’re interested in starting a job in the industry, connect with a company in your region to learn their hiring status and policies.