Heavy Duty

    Repair Complex Machines

    Dive into a world where your skills keep wheels turning, engines firing, and heavy machinery on the job in peak condition. This is a vital role in the ongoing success of BC’s road infrastructure. It’s a hands-on journey of problem-solving and innovation, where your diagnostic skills are the driving force behind the smooth operation of BC’s heavy machinery.

    Work Availability

    Heavy equipment mechanics typically enjoy a steady demand for their skills, with opportunities available for both full-time and part-time positions across various locations in BC. Major urban centres often have a higher concentration of job openings, thanks to the abundance of construction projects and industrial activities. Opportunities also exist in rural areas where forestry, mining, and agricultural projects are taking place. Full-time positions are more common, but part-time roles may also be available, offering flexibility for those seeking a varied work schedule.

    Fast Facts

    Technical Training

    28 weeks over 4 years

    Salary Range (Hourly)

    \$24.18 — \$49.10

    General Attributes

    Analytical, Coordinated, Resourceful, Systematic

    Key Job Skills

    Heavy duty mechanics work behind the scenes to ensure the safe and smooth operation of a vast array of equipment. As a mechanic, you’ll tackle repairs and maintenance tasks on equipment used in diverse sectors, including transportation, forestry, manufacturing, farming, mining, and construction. From graders to loaders, shovels to tractors, forklifts, and beyond, your expertise will keep these essential machines running at peak performance.

    • Adjust equipment and attach components
    • Test and inspect heavy equipment for faults and malfunctions
    • Repair and replace defective parts, components and systems
    • Clean, lubricate and maintain heavy equipment and attachments
    • Repair and maintain heavy machinery

    Technical Training

    For certification, you will need to complete technical training with an approved training provider. You will also be trained on the job.

    Explore the following websites for lists of the training programs available. Availability may depend on trade and public or non-public schools.

    Find Your Fit

    Explore our huge member base and learn about the many companies that are proud to be a part of the BC Road Builders. If you’re interested in starting a job in the industry, connect with a company in your region to learn their hiring status and policies.